Clube do Choro

  • When: 4th Mar 11:00am
  • Where: Colombo St
  • Show map

Clube do Choro are New Zealand’s very own Brazilian Choro band. Choro is often considered to be the Brazilian equivalent of Jazz, and it is Clube do Choro’s mission to spread this exciting music across NZ.

Fuelled by the combination of Brazilian drum (pandeiro), percussive guitar, horns, flute, and vocals, their music is high energy and has been stirring the dance floor in and around the Wellington region since 2009. Clube do Choro can regularly be seen performing in many of the most popular music venues in Wellington including the Southern Cross, Havana, Rogue and Vagabond, Laundry bar, The Grand, Bebemos, Hashigo Zake, Meow, San Francisco Bath House, and more.

This band is mostly made up of professional musicians, some of whom can also be seen performing in many other notable Wellington-based groups such as Samba Society, Tunes of I, Balkanistas, Big Troubles, and the Wellington Jazz orchestra.

Some previous performances include:

Cuba Dupa / Wellington Jazz Festival / Island Bay Festival / Aro Valley Fair / Live Brazil – Brazilian art festival in Wellington / Reel Brazil – Brazilian Film Festival in Wellington / MIA Latin Festival, Latin Women Association of Wellington Festival