Newtown New World Community Stage

  • When: 4th Mar 9:30am
  • Where: Mid Riddiford St
  • Show map

The Newtown Community and Cultural Centre is thrilled to  be supporting the “New World Community Stage” again for 2018!

This stage is all about showcasing the people that enrich our local community. We shine the spotlight on local artists, musicians, performers and dancers – right from our own neighbourhood – Newtown!

Come have a boogie and see the best and brightest this wonderful suburb has to offer.

9.30amOfficial Opening
 MCRick Sahar
10.00amTai Chi
10.20amMove It Danceworks
10.45amHula Fix
11.10amThe Scallywags
11.40amKubatana and the Moringa Dancers
12.00amThe Mighty Ukes
12.50pmHawaiian Dance Wellington
1.20pmSendam Rawkustra
2.20pmDimestore Skanks
3.30pmCumbia Blazera!