Bulgarian Dance Workshop

  • When: 4th Mar 10:30am
  • Where: Emmett St
  • Show map

The dance ensemble Horo was founded last year in Wellington by members of the Bulgarian community and enthusiast who have a passion for Bulgarian traditional music and dance. We want to share our culture with the community by introducing people to Bulgarian folk dances. (Bulgaria is one of the oldest countries in Europe that has preserved its traditions from all the regions in the Balkans. Bulgarian music is characterized by highly resonant, close harmonies and energetic asymmetric rhythms.) The vocal styles are free, full and thrilling; while the instrumental music makes your feet itch to dance. It is a fantastic workout for brain and body and is lots of fun.

Today the ensemble Horo will show you a few different styles including Rachenitza and Daichevo Horo.  They will also show part of a traditional wedding ceremony where the bride is accepted to their new family.