• When: 4th Mar 12:50pm
  • Where: Emmett St
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Mehana started playing as a band officially in 2015, although they had already worked together previously. They are based in Wellington and they play Balkan music.

6 members of the band are: Sveta – vocals and guitar, Liz – vocals and violin, Iva – vocals, Luka – vocals and bass, Dejan – percussion, Frankie – accordion and clarinet.

Mehana is injecting new life into old Balkan songs with their own interpretation and style. The power of Mehana’s music is in the raw and down-to-earth energy of their songs and the emotion the band members bring to every performance – authentic music from the heart. Mehana sings in multiple Balkans languages and English. Their songs are about life and love – music as relevant today as it was hundreds of years ago.

Mehana took the challenge to adopt this music to modern acoustic instruments with respect for tradition. They are very proud to showcase their heritage to New Zealanders.