• When: 4th Mar 5:00pm
  • Where: Wilson St
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Motte is the moniker of delay loop violin artist Anita Clark.¬†She coaxes a whole world from her violin; constructing layers of cinematic violin beneath dreamy vocals and sonic improvised flourishes. At once soothing and disorienting, or riding the thin line between beauty and uneasiness, Motte conjures imagery of strange landscapes and humid night-sky flutterings of moth wings. Motte’s first recordings from March 2015 ‘Songs For Movies’ is a series of improvisations recorded straight into a Tascam 4 track. After a year or so of live shows and side projects of film music writing, her debut album ‘Strange Dreams’ was released Feb 2017 through Dunedin/Christchurch vinyl label Coco Muse Releases.