Fairday Programme

Performer Time Where
Newtown Festival Official Opening 9:30am North Riddiford St
Rick Sahar 9:35am Mid Riddiford St
Cirque du Newtown 10:00am Arney St
Josie Moon 10:00am Normanby St
Myrtle the Mermaid 10:00am
RadioActive.FM DJs 10:00am South Riddiford St
Ras Judah 10:00am South Riddiford St
SUB BASS 10:00am Donald McLean St
Sheeps 10:00am Constable St
TUMA (Maori Martial Arts) 10:00am North Riddiford St
Tai Chi 10:00am Mid Riddiford St
The Famous Rubberband Boy 10:00am McDonalds Carpark
Zamba Flam 10:00am Colombo St
Jef Minus 10:20am Wilson St
Move It Danceworks 10:20am Mid Riddiford St
Nga Uri Taniwha 10:20am North Riddiford St
Bulgarian Dance Workshop 10:30am Emmett St
Hula Fix 10:45am Mid Riddiford St
Sport Suzie 10:45am McDonalds Carpark
A Girl Named Mo 10:50am Normanby St
Tary-Bary 10:50am Emmett St
The Travesties 10:50am Constable St
Capoeira 11:00am Donald McLean St
Circus Cabaret 11:00am Arney St
Clube do Choro 11:00am Colombo St
Grove Roots 11:00am North Riddiford St
No Accident 11:00am Newtown Ave
Sam Manzanza Africa Music Experience 11:00am South Riddiford St
The Scallywags 11:10am Mid Riddiford St
Hans Pucket 11:20am Wilson St
Klezmer Rebs 11:20am Emmett St
Kozo Kaos 11:30am McDonalds Carpark
EDIE 11:40am Normanby St
Gold Medal Famous 11:40am Constable St
Kubatana and the Moringa Dancers 11:40am Mid Riddiford St
REI 11:40am North Riddiford St
Slow 11:45am Newtown Ave
Afrokan Quintet 12:00pm Colombo St
Mighty Ukes 12:00pm Mid Riddiford St
Sounds Like Us 12:00pm Beyond Emmett St
Anastasia Dolinina & Matias Ceballos 12:10pm Emmett St
Le French Confection - The Boomtown Okrabats 12:15pm Gordon St
Pablo The Puzzle 12:15pm McDonalds Carpark
TNST 12:20pm North Riddiford St
Zero Cool 12:20pm Wilson St
Bad Friend 12:30pm Normanby St
DJ Panda & Friends 12:30pm Constable St
MOMENTUM 12:30pm Donald McLean St
Newtown Rocksteady 12:30pm South Riddiford St
Hawaiian Dance Wellington 12:50pm Mid Riddiford St
Mehana 12:50pm Emmett St
Black Coffee After Party and Exhibition 1:00pm 133 Riddiford Street
Cumbia Bros 1:00pm Colombo St
Mr Fungus 1:00pm McDonalds Carpark
Earth Tongue 1:10pm Normanby St
SUB BASS 1:10pm Donald McLean St
Alexa Casino 1:15pm Newtown Ave
Matiu Te Huki 1:20pm North Riddiford St
Sendam Rawkustra 1:20pm Mid Riddiford St
Teeth 1:20pm Wilson St
The Tudor Consort 1:20pm Constable St
TUi MAMAKi + DiNYOSA Balkan Choir 1:40pm Emmett St
Circus Cabaret 1:45pm Arney St
The Famous Rubberband Boy 1:45pm McDonalds Carpark
C-26 2:00pm Colombo St
Hera Lindsay Bird 2:00pm Normanby St
Ladi6 2:00pm South Riddiford St
MOMENTUM 2:00pm Donald McLean St
Physical 2:00pm Newtown Ave
Upper Hutt Posse 2:10pm Constable St
Carb On Carb 2:20pm Wilson St
Dimestore Skanks 2:20pm Mid Riddiford St
Lisa Tomlins 2:20pm North Riddiford St
Namesake 2:20pm Normanby St
Sport Suzie 2:30pm McDonalds Carpark
Priest Fr. Alexey Popkov 2:35pm Emmett St
E/N/T 2:45pm Newtown Ave
All Seeing Hand 3:00pm Constable St
Carlos Navae Band 3:00pm Colombo St
Forn Sow Mai by Educate Thai/New Zealand Society 3:00pm Emmett St
Wallace 3:00pm Normanby St
Kozo Kaos 3:15pm McDonalds Carpark
Onono 3:15pm South Riddiford St
Into Orbit 3:20pm Wilson St
Chris Berry 3:30pm Emmett St
Cumbia Blazera! 3:30pm Mid Riddiford St
Strange Stains 3:30pm Newtown Ave
Wellington Batucada 3:30pm Parade: Rintoul St to Newtown Ave
Hedlok (Che Fu & King Kapisi) 3:40pm North Riddiford St
Dam Dans 3:50pm Normanby St
Cirque du Newtown 4:00pm Arney St
Dub fi Dub 4:00pm Donald McLean St
Pablo The Puzzle 4:00pm McDonalds Carpark
Richard Dada 4:00pm Wilson St
Solid Gold Dance Crew 4:10pm Arney St
Career Girls 4:15pm Newtown Ave
Orchestra of Spheres 4:15pm South Riddiford St
Soul Marita 4:15pm Colombo St
The Spines 4:20pm Wilson St
Connor Moore 4:30pm Normanby St
The Alex Moffat Selection 4:30pm Emmett St
Motte 5:00pm Wilson St
Rainbow Chan 5:00pm Newtown Ave
Solid Gold Dance Crew 5:00pm Arney St
Wax Chattels 5:20pm Wilson St
Signer 5:45pm Newtown Ave
Ayn Randy 6:00pm Wilson St
The Beths 6:20pm Wilson St
Tei. 6:30pm Newtown Ave
Unsanitary Napkin 7:00pm Wilson St
Ludus 7:15pm Newtown Ave
Bonaparte 7:20pm Wilson St
Sky Canvas 8:00pm Hall St