Strange Stains

  • When: 4th Mar 3:30pm
  • Where: Newtown Ave
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Strange Stains shares personal moments about being (a women/person) in these crazy times. Trash ballads tell of catcalling, abortions, sleazy guys, break-ups and falling in love every two seconds with others and yourself.
This vulnerability and lyrical complexity is often concealed from the audience through spell weaving heavy bass and vocal distortion together. Fear not, as Strain Stains will not leave you low for long as this electroclash inspired, doomy synth pop artist will be the first to dance to her own hand-crafted beats and soon enough you will find yourself doing the same.

"Harsh tranquilities meet a world of warped pop as STRANGE STAINS spill their audible energies via lo-fi electronic DIY, a synth-ridden journey that wavers and warbles over spooked beats. BOGAN ATMOSPHERE to the bone, don't miss this bright and refreshing explosion of vocoded wails and unnerving drones. "

John (Hugh Mutant)