• When: 4th Mar 10:50am
  • Where: Emmett St
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The Russian Folk Duo “TARY-BARY” (“Chit-Chat” from Russian) was formed in 2014 after the arrival to Wellington the popular Russian guitarist and balalaika player Alexey Medvedev. The duo is based in Wellington. It performs Russian folk music and songs in entertaining and funny manner the way it was traditionally played in Russian road taverns (traktir). The duo uses traditional Russian instruments: balalaika, guitar and accordion.  Balalaika is a traditional Russian string instrument with a distinctive tremolo sound. Piano-accordion is a close relative to Russian traditional harmonica and bayan (button accordion).

The duo regularly performs in local festivals, corporate and private functions in Wellington area.

Alexey Medvedev (guitar and balalaika) is a professional musician graduated from Moscow University of Culture (The traditional string instruments and direction of the folk ensembles). Alexey is an accomplished musician with great experience in entertaining various audiences from big international festival crowds to presidents, princes and celebrities. Alexey played at the birthday party of the first USSR president Mikhail Gorbachev. Here in New Zealand Alexey made several tours in South and North Island and recorded his first NZ album “Naphanya”.

Vladimir Bell (piano-accordion) graduated from the musical school in Omsk, West Siberia. Since 1991 lives in Wellington. The first president of the Wellington Russian Club, the artistic director of the Wellington Russian Festival. As a musician and entertainer took part in many local festivals and functions, including Cuba-Dupa Festival, and corporate function for Weta Studios.