The Spines

  • When: 4th Mar 4:20pm
  • Where: Wilson St
  • Show map

Jon McLeary (guitar, vocals, songs) formed the band in 1981 in Wellington with Caroline Easther (drums) and Rob Mahoney (bass). They recorded “Fishing” for Ripper Records and appeared on Radio With Pictures that same year. A change in line-up to Ross Burge (drums) and Wendy Calder (bass) saw them go on to record albums for Jayrem (The Moon, Your Body Stays, Act Your Age) and Flying Nun (Idiot Sun). This version toured the country and lasted into the late 1980’s

In the 1990’s Andy Craig joined on bass and Ant Donaldson on drums and continued the Spines tradition playing McLeary’s unique songs live and in the studio.

They continued on into this century with Les Knight on bass and various drummers including Riki Gooch and recorded the album Blood Monster.

The current line-up has been together several years and includes Hannah Fraser on violin, keys and vocals and Malky James Taylor on drums and has an exciting new sound.

McLeary’s songs are the key factor to the bands longevity. They continue to have relevance and are evolving all the time along with the band’s stage presence .

The Spines have been and continue to be a big part of the fabric of Wellington’s original music scene for 35 years now.