TUi MAMAKi + DiNYOSA Balkan Choir

  • When: 4th Mar 1:40pm
  • Where: Emmett St
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TUi MAMAKi is a vocal explorer, performer and composer, born in France, raised in Aotearoa/NZ and currently residing in Bulgaria. She will perform a set of traditional songs from the Bulgarian Folklore Tradition, accompanied at times by her small guitar, with an improvisation twist. Hypnotic odd-meter rhythms, intricate string tapestries and haunting vocal melodies tell stories of love, harvest and transcendence. She will be joined by DiNYOSA Balkan Choir for some items.

DiNYOSA Balkan Choir is a specially formed group of Wellington singers who have been drawn to the mysterious harmonies of Eastern European song, like moths to a flame. Led by Carol Shortis, they crystallise around the jewel-like voice of TUi MAMAKi, a bi-cultural songbird who migrates seasonally between Aotearoa and Bulgaria, sharing her unique song wherever she travels.