Unsanitary Napkin

  • When: 4th Mar 7:00pm
  • Where: Wilson St
  • Show map

Wellington anarcho-punk 3-piece Unsanitary Napkin are a furious vomit of frustration with a political climate polluted with hyper-capitalist bigots pretending to be the voice of the people. Their album “Patriotic Grooves” is an assault on the idea that a struggle for civil rights is no longer necessary, and it’s an exposé of the narcissistic self-aggrandising media demagogues that revel in disguising their hate-speech as common-sense while laying the conditions for fascist clowns to take power. It shines a light on the neoliberal smash n’ grab playing out in Aotearoa, which may have a blokey bbq-loving I’m-too-stupid-to-do-evil face for now, but is leading down the same path. But it’s also a rallying call for collective resistance to come from shared frustration, and a hope that we can have a good time (with a slammin’ soundtrack) while fighting to change direction.